It’s all in the Hub: One site for finding everything bike-related in New Mexico. Painted Sparrows LLC created to help people bicycle more by finding what they need to enjoy the ride. New Mexico has lots of great places to bike. With nearly year-round sunshine and various mile-high altitudes, New Mexico is great for training or living. With more bike facilities being built every year , the 506 miles of bicycle facilities in Albuquerque are one of the reasons that Albuquerque is considered such a bicycle friendly city. Santa Fe also ranks highly for trails and facilities. Off-road trails have some of the most beautiful cycling one can ride, from White Mesa to White Sands. NM is also has a great Fixie scene and world-class BMX. In fact, it sports the largest covered BMX track in the world at Duke City BMX! 

New Mexico is home to over 40 League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors and the organization, New Mexico Bicycling Educators. In ‘Burque, the City of Albuquerque’s Bicycle Safety Education Program is one of the best bicycle education programs in the United States, reaching over 10,000 youth and over 1,000 adults annually. Albuquerque isn’t the only place with plenty of great bike education! Santa Fe, Silver City, Socorro, Las Cruces, and Los Alamos all have great bicycle education groups. Whether you are getting back on the bike after 20 years or you are a pro racer, there is something for you in New Mexico.

We are Sean, Julian & Dave. Painted Sparrows, LLC created to help people bicycle more by finding what they need to enjoy the ride. We are also working to create a stronger, positive, supportive community among those who like to bike, by getting the diverse, sometimes isolated, biking styles all on the same page, literally. We hope that such diversity in one place will encourage everyone to expand their biking horizons, whether trying a completely different bike for the first time or getting back on a bike after 30 years.

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Julian Paul Butt

Founder, Marketing and PR Director

Julian is the former President of both BikeABQ and Trips For Kids Rio Grande. Julian has contracted governments and other clients to teach bicycle safety education and mechanics since 2008, primarily the City of Albuquerque’s Bicycle Safety Education Program, teaching over 55,000 people about bikes. Julian is League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor 2293 and has been car-free since 1987, coincidentally the year he was born. Julian’s favorite things include long walks on the beach, big cigars, fencing and fine coffee.

Press can call 505-22-JULES (58537)

Dave Einerson

Founder, Web Applications Programmer and Database Administrator

Dave is a 20+ year veteran database and system administrator and developer. As a software developer passionate about sustainable, efficient, applied systems and development methodologies, Dave is all about a convergence of the how, the why, and the usable in everything he builds. He considers himself a builder, a toolmaker.

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Sean Ondes

Founder, Design and User Interface/User Experience Engineer

A user interface/user experience focused designer, Sean designs for the web and print with purpose, usability and character in mind. He strongly believes in the power of web technologies to allow the individual to participate in the world they inhabit. Sean currently splits his time between Albuquerque, NM and Oakland, CA.

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